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Chemical Name:DBNPA

CAS NO:10222-01-2

Molecular formula:C3H2N2OBr2

Molecular weight:242

Application Notes:

DBNPA is a fast, broad-spectrum non-oxidizing bactericide; used for circulating water and reverse osmosis sterilization. It can also be used to quickly remove microorganisms in finished products and raw materials such as coatings, building materials, adhesives, water-based inks, plugging agents, polymer emulsions, textile auxiliaries, metal processing fluids, and pulp. Clean production equipment and workplaces. Used together with other preservatives can reduce the microbial load of preservatives. It does not contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, and can be quickly decomposed in an aqueous environment. The final product of decomposition is carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc., which is environmentally friendly and has no residue. Fast sterilization, resistance to drugs. Use environment pH2-6.

Product Specification:

Package and Storage: 


Store in an airtight, dark, cool, and dry place at room temperature.